Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Laura's Leprechaun Journal

Hi Everyone!
I am working on a new mini. I thought it would be kind of cool to post pictures of it as I work on it, to show you the process I go through. This album is for my daughter, Laura. She is OBSESSED with Leprechauns. She has had as many as 5 elaborate "traps" set up around the house and outside, trying to catch one. She sets out a trail of gold coins and Lucky Charms to lure them. I have to say, it has been working because she has caught two so far. I will post a pic of them if you are interested, lol! When I picked Laura up from school one day she begged me to take her on vacation to Ireland. She was so mad when I told her we couldn't go. Whatever happened to wanting to go to Disney?! I am making her this mini/journal to document her obsession. I know she will get a big kick out of it when she is older!

Here are the products that I am using to distress the cover.

The top paper is the before, and the bottom is after inking.

Here I heat embossed the edges. You can't really see it in the picture, but this really added a nice rough and dimensional surface.

Here is some of that Tim Holtz grunge board that I got at Tuesday morning. This stuff takes ink beautifully!

The cover is about half way finished. I will post more pictures as I go.


Tracy said...

This is to cute. She sounds darling. And yes show pics, I have never seen a real leprechaun.
I made some video's on my process of making a special album.

Anonymous said...


I love how this is looking so far!! I am from Ireland so if there is anything your daughter would like from here or that you would like to surprise her with, please email me and I can see if I can find it.

Scrappy hugs,
Louise x

Tracey said...

i have a son who is trying to trap elves in our back garden so its not just girls lol it started when his first tooth came out and that was 5 year ago. what a beautiful idea doing an album for her, and it looks so pretty so far well done thanks for the inspiration.Tracey from New Zealand

Denine said...

This is just beautiful. You must share the pics of the trapped Leprechaun's.

Can't wait to watch the progress of this mini... it's just beautiful so far.

Marlene said...

Wow - looks great already! Anxious to see more!